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 Fair’s Fair by Leon Garfield has an engaging plot which has all the ingredients of an inspirational story. Poor Jackson is cold and starving on a cruel and dreadful night. He is sitting on the steps outside a house shivering in cold. Jackson is looking forward to eating the steaming pie that he earned for himself in return for a long night’s work when the horrifying black dog comes. The boy gives the dog half of his pie and what follows is unimaginable…

The atmosphere of suspense in the story is created by the rich use of language which also helps the readers to form vivid pictures in their minds while reading. The illustrations in the story are coloured as well as black and white which supports and elucidates the storyline.

The author has underlined the golden virtues of honesty, kindness, patience and generosity. Therefore this book would be a great resource for either a PSHE or Literacy lesson in either KS1 or 2. The protagonists of the story are very inspiring and will prove to be the role models for young children. It is a “must have” book in the classrooms of a primary school and an ideal read for Christmas.

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