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Captain Nobody is almost out of breath when he arrives at the curb in front of Sullivan’s Jewelry store.JJ cannot get herself over with the spelling and grammar mistakes found on the cardboard signs in the jewelry store.She has tried talking to the Sullivan but she is ignored by the couple.JJ insists that Captain Nobody can make a difference if he goes in and talk to the owners.Feeling obliged to the duty of a superhero, Captain Nobody steps into the store where he can clearly see Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan at the far end with their only customer.Afraid that he is interrupting their business, Captain Nobody wants to leave the store but the couple insists that they will be hearing anything from him.Captain Nobody cannot believe his eyes as he stares at the customer’s sweatshirt because he is holding a gun inside of the pocket.The situation becomes more chaotic when Mr. Sullivan manages to sound the alarm in the store.Before the robber flees the scene, he threatens Captain Nobody not to report the incident to the authority or something bad will happen to him.After being warned, Captain Nobody immediately walks out the store and wants to leave the scene.JJ tries to convince Captain Nobody to talk to the police about the robbery.Both of them run away when Captain Nobody explains about the threat he has received from the robber.


Newt reaches home late after the robbery.Although terrified with the incident, he is able to sense something is not going well after hearing Mom’s response.The conversation is halted when the phone rings for Mom.Newt helps himself in the kitchen and watches the television.To his surprise, the news is reporting on the robbery in the Sullivan’s Jewelry Store.He is quite annoyed with the news report as Captain Nobody is referred as ‘the little guy’, ‘amidget’ and even as ‘a leprechaun’.JJ phones Newt to talk about the news report and he reminds JJ not to spread a word about the incident.That night, Newt to talk about the news report and he reminds JJ not to spread a word about the incident.That night, Newt is having dinner with Mom and both of them seem to have secrets that they do not wish to reveal to one another.Before he goes to bed, he reflects all the bad and good incidents that Captain Nobody has gone through.He dreams about his brother again, but this time Chris addresses him as ‘Captain’ and Newt feels proud to be acknowledged by his brother.The next morning, he comes to a huge relief after hearing the first news because the robber has been arrested.The second news, however, is not that promising. He finds a crumpled paper in the trash bin.He is now aware that Chris will be in more serious trouble if he does not wake up after 6 days.He realises that his parents are heavily distracted because of the bad news and he is determined to make the situation becomes better.
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