The Persona is black while her grandmother is white. The persona is now a young lady. She looks at a photograph of herself and her grandmother taken when she was three. She loves her grandmother and remembers her with fondness. In the photograph, her grandmother is small and old but she looks tall because her back is straight and her posture is good. She looks prim and neat in good clothes.

          She has sharp blue eyes and she is kind. She has a kind, genuine smile. She looks like she is going to die but she is not afraid of death. She accepts it as a part of life.

           As she grew older, she became smaller because she was hunched. She was forgetful too. The persona feels that her grandmother is still very much alive. Her genuine smile makes her alive. She remains immortal in the photograph although she has physically gone.


Close family relationships ⇒We must have a close relationships with our family members, especially those who are old. Love for a family member ⇒We must love our family members, especially those who are old. Old age and death⇒Growing old and dying is part of life so we must accept it.