Why do you think the poem is called news break.....

News Break
by Max Fatchen

Now why so loving, darling,
And why the sudden kiss?
You's help me with some little jobs?
For goodness sake, what's this?

Your face is clean for once, dear.
Your clothes without a crease.
You saved your luncheon money?
Will wonder never cease?

No dropping of your school books,
No shrieking, childish treble.
Today you are a lamb, love,
Where yesterday a rebel.

But surely you're some stranger,
No rage or hullabaloo.
Come closer, let me look, dear,
Can this be really you?

Now were you struck by lightning
Or were you stunned at sport?
Ah... now I see the reason.
You've brought your school report!



I think this poem is funny because her son never be good ,nice and loving suddenly that just a trick to his mother don't be angry to him after see the school reporter
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