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The part of the story I would change is the scene at the hospital. Mr Li would ask his mother the question about his childhood and she would be able to answer him. After that, she would tell him where she hid the key to the drawer. I think that this would give the story a more hopeful ending. Mr Li would not have to live with so many regrets. He would be able to revisit his memories of his happy and carefree childhood. If he could be honest about his background and who really is, he would be a happier man. 

         If he had the key to the drawer, he would be able to continue the traditional practice of ancestral worship. This, too, would free him of guilt because he would be able to do what he knows his mother would want him to do. Changing this part of the  story would lead to a happier ending.

b. Ah-Ma is a person who is honest about her humble background and enjoys the simple life. She is a mother of nine children, grandmother of thirty-four and great-grandmother of seventeen. Her children, like Mr Li, her eldest son, are grown-up, independent and successful. She has every reason to be proud and to enjoy the success of her children. Yet, she prefers to rear a few chickens in her son’s garden, and ten to the family altar. She shuns material gifts. Her happiness is based on her memories of the carefree days in a hut on the beach when her husband was still alive. Her character is admirable.

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