A Robbery
Every Friday evening Encik Kamal will visit his parents and have dinner with them. They return home late ata night. Three thieves hid near the couple's house and waited for them to return. when Encik kamal opened the front door, they rushed up to them with parang. "help! help!" Mrs kamal.
they tied up the couple. they searched the house for money and valuable things. Ahmad, the gardener, woke up when he heard Mrs. Kamal screamed.
He peeped out and saw the thieves. "I must get help! " he thought. Quietly he sneaked out of the house. just then a police patrol car passed by, at once Ahmad stopped it. He told the police what happened. The police surrounded the house and caught the thieves. Mr. Kamal was grateful to the gardener for saving their life.
karangan th ade tiga perenggan tau
Every Friday hinges screamed Mrs. Kamal th satu perenggan. they tied hingga heard Mrs kamal screamed tu perenggan kedua. he peeped hingga for saving their life tu perenggan me tiga