Okay , now im gonna do an essay dat ma teacher ask meh to do it . but da prob is im loosing all da ideas . can u guys help meh ? da tittle is "if i was a teacher" . quite hard right ? . sorry for ma broken eng .



Tell what can you do and what will you do if you are a teacher.
Its ok its not too broken!
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i guess , i"
Look for examples in google
i guess i'll be da smart teacher in dat sch and teaching da all student with da right way and.... idkk .. im loosing da ideas
Good.That is a good one
for more information please search in google
1.If i am a teacher i will teach my students about the incidents that are going on in this world to widen their perspective and their knowledge.
2. i will teach my students in an attractive way, so that they can cope with the studies.
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Wooahhhhh ! thankss !!!! i really appreciate it !!
I am confirm that you are not chinese.Then,why are you speaking like that ?
meh , mah ?
haha . it just da sosial language . if u know what i mean and yeah , im not chineese XD