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Tanjung Rhu is a simple yet profound story about the relationship between Mr. T.W. Li , a rich businessman in the shipping business and his mother (Ah Ma) . Mr. Li has his office at Shenton Way . He is modern in his ways and ideas . His mother is traditional with strong religious beliefs . They practice ancestor worship though the mother is more religious . They have a close relationship although Mr. Li does not seem to realise it . The day after Ah Ma's funeral , Mr. Li recalls the day he told his mother about using binoculars or see-far glasses . While he want her to have better vision with the binoculars , she however hopes to see her husband's shipyard in Tanjung Rhu with the binoculars . She uses them but does not see anything . Instead , she tells Mr. Li she sees his childhood days when they enjoyed walks on Tanjung Rhu beach in her mind's eyes . Mr. Li cannot remember all these details and wants to ask Ah Ma further , but she becomes very sick and is unable to talk much . She manages to convey the urgency of a hidden key to the altar before she draws her last breath . He promises to fulfil this last request of hers . Unfortunately , he is unable to find the key .