Ini Jawapan Diperakui

Jawapan diperakui mengandungi maklumat yang boleh dipercayai dan diharapkan yang dijamin dipilih dengan teliti oleh sepasukan pakar. Brainly mempunyai berjuta-juta jawapan berkualiti tinggi, semuanya disederhanakan dengan teliti oleh ahli komuniti kami yang paling dipercayai, tetapi jawapan diperakui adalah terbaik di kalangan terbaik.
The part when Newt is moved into the wad where Chris is in. His bed is just beside Chris'. Newt feels like there is nothing he can do to help his brother even when he is near him. He loves his brother so much and hopes his brother will be just fine. He recalls the sweet memories of him spending time with Chris together. He remembers that he always has to shout "Hit the showers!" to wake Chris up from sleep. Unexpectedly, Newt shouts "Hit the showers!" loudly without awareness of doing it. A pillow is thrown at him and he looks at his brother. Miraculously the shout actually wakes Chris from a six-day coma. Everyone in the wad is happy to see Chris being just fine from the coma. Their love as brothers is strong ;)