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Yesterday , after school is over I go home by foot for probably 2 blocks . I pass through traffic , huge buildings and finally the most peaceful place , the park . As I walk through the park I heard a sound "meow meow" . So I follow the sound and it leads me to a drain , a very dirty drain . I saw a little kitten in the drain crying for sympathy . So , I grab the kitten and take it home . It doesn't takes too long for me to take the kitten out of the drain . After another 1 block walk , I took off my shoes and immediately clean the kitten . I brush it dirty fur with a scented soap and its turn on to be white fluffy fur after I rinse . It feels good to help the kitten . Now the kitten is in best condition . :)
If you make a story which has already passed,there must be past tense. I saw some words aren't past tense.
Im not an english expert tho just trying to help :) Thanks for reminding btw
No problem to help.
any ideas please
my teacher was angry at me