Dear xxx,
            how are you?I hope you and your family have a good health.Well since you had transfer to another school,I hope my tips can help you to get a great things of your new school.
            firstly,you need to have a good manners to your teacher,your new friends and your school principle.With that, you can give them a good image to everyone in school.
           secondly ,keep a good study so that your new friends could accept you.be a good student is an important part of let your friends to accept you.So,if you need help,your new school friends will help you up.
           thirdly,get a friend in your new school.Try to get a friend who had the same wish as you.Well if you can't find even one,you also may choose a friend who love to study.This will influence your study grade.
           finally,try to have at least an awards given by your school. You know what,you will have more friends to make.also,you can get more attention from your teacher.
           Well, I hope you have a better life in your new school.Please,send my regards to your parents.
                I'll see you next time. Bye.
                                                                                                 your cousin,

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