Themes :<br />1)family love<br />2)responsibility<br />3)being kind,concern and thoughtful<br />4)being helpful<br />5)being brave<br />6)being protective and supportive<br />7)being neglect<br />8)True heroism />9)being hardworking<br />10)seeking recognition. : : Setting: Race and Time. 1)In the Kitchen. :Every morning, Newt prepare and serve everyone breakfast. :His parents are always busy doing their work and also answering their phone calls. :Newt and his family reads the newspaper and watch TV here too. 2)In Newt Room. :Newt searches for his "inner other" v :He thinks a lot about his brother ,chris , and a few interesting dreams. 3)Chris Bedroom. :Newt wakes chiris by shouting "Hit the Shower!" :Newt Mother is distressed thinking about chris.
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