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Lynne webbings and geoff bolder entered a story writing competition which was won by geoff and he was awarded the Holmes-Watkins Medal. Lynne won 2nd place but she is disappointed by her result. she soon learns to accept it and keeps her story hidden away. one day, she reads a book written by william bradburie and finds that it is similar to geoff's story. A story of a circus elephant that escapes into a public park. creating cahos in an otherwise peaceful place
she immediately assumes that geoff stole the idea and calls him a cheat. uncertain of how to deal with what she has learned, she blurts out the name, william bradburie, while having a conversation outside the classroom within earshot of geoff. upon hearing the name, geoff is taken abake. soon after, lynne and geoff are called into the headmaster's office. there, the headmaster, Mr. Velos explains the situation regarding geoff's story and awards lynne with 1st place instead. despite the events turning in favour of lynne, she is upset bcs she doesn't want to win that way.