- Mr T.W. Li is a successful businessman who lives in Singapore with his family. he recently lost his mother whom he calls Ah-Ma
-as he mourns her death, he recalls some important event before her death, most of which revolves around a pair of binoculars
- he had brought the binoculars home one day for his mother, to help her see farther
- however, Ah-Ma was often lost in her memories of the past and her only concern was to see Tanjong Rhu, a place where they used to live while he was growing up. as it is firmly etched in her mind, she said she did not need binoculars to see the beloved place
- when Mr. Li finally managed to convince his mother to use the binocular, he was upset that she still could not see the ships at the harbour in front of his office. instead, in her mind's eye, she saw Tanjong Rhu in the past, back when Mr Li was still a young boy
- Mr Li became impatient with his mother and refused to listen to her stories
- back in the present, Mr Li regrets his actions on that day as now he too longs to go back to his childhood in Tanjong Rhu. he finds that his memories are vaque and there are many things that he does not remember clearly. he suddenly wants to ask his mother a lot of things
- unfortunately, it is too late to do so as his mother has passed away.