Cheat ! by Allan Baillie is a thought - provoking tale of Lynne Webbings, who has an internal conflict after losing the Holmes-Watkins Medal for short story writing to Geoff Bolder. Initially, she is tense and impatient while waiting for Mr Velos to announce the results. Her interior monologue betrays her secret thoughts and the fact that she really wants to win. Geoff realises that Lynne is very disappointed and jokes about how the winner was chosen. Lynne temporarily feels better, but then discovers that Geoff had 'stolen' the plot and main character of his short story from a tale by William Bradburie, a famous author. She considers telling Mr Velos, the principal's office. Mr Velos tells her that Geoff wants to be disqualified even though he technically did not cheat. Geoff even apologies to Lynne after their meeting with the principal. In the end, Lynne gets the medal she wanted so much, but she does not feel very good about it.
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