Gus informed that he got enlisted and will leave for basic training the next day. Pa was sad/disheartened to hear the news. Pa almost looses himself when Gus said that he is too 'tough and smart' to get killed in battle. Pa went off talking about his brother who was killed in Cuba made Gus lost for words. Inevitably, Pa vents his anger and accuses Gus of being lazy.

Gus had trouble bidding goodbye to his unresponsive father. As Gus departs for Sioux City, only then it came to Richard of Hannah's worry for her brother.

It was tough for Richard to work alongside his silent and distant father. Angie pointed out that Pa is worried of Gus. Richard made a point that it would be better for Pa to talk about how he feels. To Richard, he is able to find relief by visiting the Schermers whenever he can, and from writing poetry.

He sent Kilmer his latest poem on the may wood and was praised for his development. Kilmer deduced that it was because of Richard's growing inner peace and happiness. He encourages the Richard to pursue reading the works of living poets in order master the poet's craft as Richard belongs to the next generation of poets, the play an important role in the world.

Richard sent a reply wanting to know how poets could make the world a better place. He asked for Hannah to accompany him, but as she opens the door, she told him that Mr. Kilmer was killed.