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Cheat!' is a simple but interesting story about two schoolchildren and their attitude to peer achievements and relationships. The short story competition is won by Geoff and he wins the Holmes-Watkins Medal. Lynne's story is placed second and she feels disappointed. However, she learns to accept her failure and decides to let go. Then, she comes across a short story of writer William Bradburie's story. Immediately, Lynne assumes that Geoff has cheated and did not write his own story. She is in a dilemma as to whether and how she should expose Geoff. During the class discussion on careers, Lynne holds back exposing Geoff but later she inadvertently mentions the name Bradburie and notices Geoff's reaction. A few minutes later, she is called into Headmaster Velos's office and Geoff is there too with the Holmes-Watkins Medal. Mr Velos explains that Geoff feels he might have taken his story from Bradburie's collection. So, he decides to reverse the results and Lynne wins the prize. But, Lynne is unhappy with the way the situation has turned out. She begins to have doubts about her own story.
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