Honesty and integrity
•̀.̫•́✧Geoff later believes that he may have gotten the idea for his short story from William Bradburie's story.
•̀.̫•́✧Although he did not do it on purpose, he still asks to be disqualified as he thinks that it is not his original work.

Accepting disappointments graciously
ΘωΘLynne is bitterly disappointed when Geoff wins the first prize.Yet, she manages to hide her disappointment and accept the decision graciously.
ΩωΩSoon, she is able to forget about her disappointment and put the whole incident behind her.

Friendship and competition
=="Lynne and Geoff do not let the short story competition get in the way of their friendship.
✦After the winner is announced,both are friendly towards each other.
✿Lynne congratulates Geoff graciously and Geoff is humble about his achievement.

Originality of ideas
✡In the beginning, both Geoff and Lynne are convinced that they have written original stories.
✤Later, Geoff realises that he may have gotten the idea from a story that he had previously read.
¶¶Then, Lynne too questions the originality of her own story, which poses a question to the reader,"Are all our ideas entirely original?"