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1. Aloha Theme Resort (Swimming)

2.Joyland Roller Skating Rink
3.Merdu Moutain(hiking)
Wind Hills Resort

Write an e-mail to your cousin to telling her about three activities she can do if she stays at Wind Hills Resort.
Write you answer between 50-80 words


Dear Ally,

How have you been? In your last email you asked me about interesting places to visit at Wind Hills Resort. After looking for information online and browsing through pamphlets, I recommend you to go to these 3 tourist attractions.

Firstly, the Aloha Theme Resort. It has been the number 1 place for teenagers like you and me to go to for the past few years, according to surveys. It has an Olympic sized swimming pool, baby pools and Jacuzzis for tourists of all ages to relax and swim in. I know you're an avid swimmer so please do drop by so you will not regret it.

Second, maybe you can go to the Joyland Roller Skating Rink. It is the newest skating rink in our country with internationally certified standards. I checked foe the prices online and it only costs RM50 for a day pass. You can even enroll for skating classes if you're a beginner for free.

Last but not least, do go to the Merdu Mountain for hiking. From the pictures I have seen on your social media accounts, you have conquered plenty of mountains including Mount Kota Kinabalu. This hill will be easy for you to scale, but worth it as when you reach the top, you can have an amazing vantage point of the Wind Hills Resort and the nearby town. While hiking, do keep an eye out for unique flora and fauna as well.

That's all for now. Hope you'll enjoy your holiday at the Wind Hills Resort.

Yours lovingly, Hailey
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