Mari kita tgk sapa yg boleh jawab dgn tepat soalan KBAT PT3 ni. <br /><br /><br /><br />
No trick. Pure math. Gud luck Solve it <br /><br /><br /><br />
You are standing in one big palace where a king and his 5 queens stay.<br />
Each queen has 5 rooms. In each room there are 5 big cats.<br />
Each big cat has 5 little cats. Each<br />
cat has 4 legs.How many legs are there in the palace?<br /><br />
Take ur time...



Well there is one king and five girls so that means 12 legs for them. Then each queen has 5 rooms with 5 big cats in it and that would mean, that in each queens 5 rooms there are 100 cats or 400 big cat feet. then you have to figure out the small cats per 5 rooms which would be 125 cats in each queens 5 rooms. then you would multiply that by 4 and get 500. 

Now add. 400+500= 900

So you have 900 cat feet in just one queens 5 rooms so now you nee to multiply 900x5 which equals 4,500. Now you need to add the kings legs and the queens legs into it so that would be 4,500+12. I know i know, this is so hard sooo.....

The answer is 4,512
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