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Synopsis: -The story revolves around classmates Lynne weddings and Geoff Bolder. They both enter a short story competition where Geoff wins the first prize-the Holmes-Watkins medal.second prize winner Lynne is disappointed but graciously accepts the decision and congratulates Geoff. Much Later,Lynne reads a story by the author William Bradburie that is similar to the story that Geoff has written for the competition.Convinced that Geoff is a cheat,she is in a dilemma on whether to expase Geoff or keep quiet. The next day in school,Lynne suddenly blurts out the name Bradburie in front of Geoff.Geoff looks surprised and take aback but story silent. Later in the day,Lynne is called to the Headmaster's office where Geoff is waiting. The headmaster,Mr.Velo's,explains that he is changing his decision and awards the Holmes-Watkins medal to Lynne.This is because Geoff has told him that he might have unintentionally gotten the idea for this story from Bradburie.Although both stories are not intentionally similar, Mr.velos feels that Lynne deserves to win as her story is more original. This is causes Lynne to Question where she got the idea for her own story.
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