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Ah Ma
1)traditional with strong religious beliefs-values chinese tradition of ancestor worship-talks to husband who has passed on for 10 years
2)meticulous-keeps all the prayer paraphernalia under lock and key
3)determined to do things her way-refuses to allow ying to do praying
4)good memory-can recall the childhood of mr li well
5)old fashioned-does not believe in having eye operation for cataract
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In the story tanjong rhu, the character i admire most is Mr. Li. Mr. Li stands out from the rest because he is a responsible person as he takes care of his old mother. When she insist on worshipping his late father, he does not stop her although he is late for work. Not just that, Mr. Li is also a filial son. He buys a pair of binoculars for his late mother so that she can see better and further.