last year I went on holiday to Bali. It was my birthday so it was 9th June. I did not have much money so I planned to stay at a cheap hotel. But when I arrived at the airport a thief stole my credit card. I did not have much money, so I did not stay at the hotel. I stayed in a tent on the beach but I enjoyed it.

I saw many interesting things on the kuta beach. I saw the sea, the beautiful stars at night and many clouds. I ate satay. The weather was nice. It was never not rain. I liked the hot days because I could swim in the sea.

I did not stay on the beach all her holiday. I traveled around Bali by bus. It was not expensive. I was so happy that I had a one-week holiday because there were so many interesting places to see in Bali. I liked everything about Bali. I like the foods, and the culture.