Lynne was waiting for the Holmes-Walkin short story competition result. Before that, Lynne spent a great amount of time writing on her short story which was about a sheepdog in a flood. Unfortunately, the result announced, Geoff’s story about an elephant ran wild in the park was the winner. Lynne felt disappointed and sad.
One day, Lynne found a book by William Bradburie in the library. The story was similar to Geoff’s story. She accused that Geoff was cheating by copy the story. Then Geoff took the book to Mr. Velos, the school principal and asked Mr. Velos to disqualify him. Mr Velos found that the short story was almost similar, but Geoff story was still considered original.
After a while, Lynne was asked into the principal room. Mr Velos explained to her that Geoff’s story was still considered original and he was not cheating. At the same time, Mr Velos announced that Lynne was the new winner, because her story was entirely original. However, Lynne did not feel happy about the result and she was worried that she might have read a similar story about the sheepdog in a flood.