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You are standing in one big palace where a king and his 5 queens stay.
Each queen has 5 rooms. In each room there are 5 big cats.
Each big cat has 5 little cats. Each cat has 4 legs.How many legs are there in the palace?
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act, i don't know if my answer is wrong or right.. but, I just want to try and my answer is 2420.. please tell me the answer =)


Human: you+king+5 queen
so, 2+2+5(2) = 14

big cats have 5(5)(5)=125 cats

big cats' legs : 4×125=500

little cats have :125×5=625 cats

little cats' legs: 4×625=2500

so, 14+500+2500=3014 legs
diorang pentingkan nombor nombor saja
Sy rasa cara awk beri penjelasan sebab raja xde bilik lagi x logik
sy rasa soalan kata you kat palace ,lebih pelik
entah sy pergi palace buat apa. kira jumlah kaki di palace kah? pelik kut
ni nak uji minda je pon yg hang nak komen apahal..math klu fikir camni mmg xkan dpt la jwpnnya -_-
Little cats = 5x5x5x5x4 = 2500

big cats = 5x5x5x4 = 500

queen = 5x2 = 10

king = 2

total legs in the palace
= 2500+500+10+2
= 3012 legs

*if plus your legs, then it will be 3014 legs
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