for example-Geoff said the true thing to the velos
-Honesty and courage
Honesty and courage are about being brave to tell someone the truth. We must take responsibility to the mistakes that we have done. Example: We consider that Geoff is an honest person. After Lynne shouted at Geoff, Geoff went to Mr Velos office to confess that he might be cheating due to the similarity of his story and William Bradburie’s story.

If we are perseverance, we will not give up easily even the job is challenging or difficult. We will keep on trying until we achieve success. Example:Lynne used weeks to complete the miserable story. She spent time to draft and rewrite the story. Although in the end, she won the second place in the competition, I personally consider that it is a good result from her hard work.
-Avoid being judgemental
We must not be judgemental because the truth might be different from what we think. If we do not know the detail of the situation, we should not make the conclusion too soon.Example: After she read about the book written by William Bradburie in the library, she was filled with anger. She said that Geoff is cheating in the short story competition even though she has never read Geoff’s story before.
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