In the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann, we can see how important family love is. There is love between parents and children as well as husband and wife. Family love is important because when it exists, there is happiness but when it does not, there will be conflict.                First, the book explores several facets of the love between a husband and a wife. Saleh Abdullah, Azreen’s father takes good care of his wife until she dies although she is paralysed and has Alzhemier.Haji Ghani, the village headman loves his second wife, Madhuri a lot. He adores her, showers her with expensive gifts and takes her on vacations. He is heart-broken when she dies and really misses her. However, he is quite cold towards his first wife, Fatihah who loves her husband and tries everything to win back her husband’s affections. This brings about conflict in the household. She becomes jealous of Madhuri and she must have been relieved when Madhuri dies.However, the relationship between the Old Lady and her late husband is a destructive one because her husband turns abusive and she kills him in self-defence. It must have started with love but it is a love that has turned sour. Without love, the relationship between a husband and wife turns chaotic and there is no peace at home. That is why family love is important.Then, there is love between parents and children. Although Madhuri is an adoptive child, Saleh Abdullah and his wife love her a lot and treat her like their own. She is a good child and does not give her adopted parents problems. Azreen, on the other hand, is headstrong and rebellious, and as a result, often gets punishment. However, Saleh Abdullah shows his love for Azreen in a silent way. He comes just in time to save Azreen from the viciousness of the unruly crowd of villagers gathered in front of Mohd Asraf’s house to demand that the Old Lady to leave the village. Again, Saleh shows his love for Azreen when he rushes into the Old Lady’s burning house to save her. This is what love for family means.
Therefore, family love is important because it can be a unifying factor. When there is love in the family, there is peace and happiness. Without family love, things fall apart.