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The boy and the girl want to join the story telling competition.When the competition was along,the boy won it.The girl felt disappoint.One day,when she go to the library she read a book.She recognized that the story that she read same like the story that the boy read it on the competition day.She told Mr.Velos,the headmaster.The headmaster want to meet with both of them.The the headmaster take a desicion that the girl must won the first place
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Edith Hardy, whose obsession with expensive clothes irritates her husband Dick, a stockbroker, complains of Dick's frugality to her admirer, Hishuru Tori, a wealthy Japanese curio dealer who, like Edith, is a member of Long Island's "smart set." After a friend gives her a stock tip on a copper company, Edith invests the $10,000 raised for the Red Cross Belgian relief fund, with which she, as treasurer, is entrusted. When the company fails, Edith frantically appeals to Tori for help, and agrees that in exchange for the money, she will come to him the next night. When Hardy tells Edith that his investments have capitalized, Edith persuades him to part with $10,000, but Tori, refusing to accept it, becomes enraged, and with his curio iron, brands his seal on her flesh. Writhing with pain, Edith shoots Tori and escapes. To protect Edith, Hardy assumes the blame, but at the trial, Edith climaxes her story by baring her branded shoulder. The enraged crowd nearly lynches Tori, as Hardy's charges are dismissed.
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