There is something in my life that I believe fully and completely in. I believe in forgiveness. I believe that no matter what someone does to lose a person’s friendship or respect there should always be an opportunity to forgive that person. Forgiveness is a very important thing I believe in because it doesn’t feel good to hate or even just dislike someone strongly. I have noticed this because I have been looking back on some of the people I thought I would never forgive and how I felt towards them while I was thinking this. Then suddenly I started thinking, “Was what they did to lose my friendship so terrible and was it so bad that I should never forgive them and forget ever being friends with them?” I answered no. They were not bad enough for them to not deserve my forgiveness.

One instance in particular that made me think of this was when my best friend and I got in a huge argument over something so miniscule that we should of just forgot it ever happened in the first place. It kept escalating with more and more arguments until eventually we just quit speaking all together. We hated each other for months and months and almost got into countless fist fights. I thought that we would be enemies for the rest of our lives and all this fighting with my ex best friend made me feel terrible. Until one day in our English class we got stuck with a really hard assignment that a couple of the kids were just stumped with. We formed a little group to help each other and my ex best friend was part of the group. The farther we got into this assignment the more my ex best friend and I kept asking each other for help. Then I asked myself, “Is hating him really doing either of us any good?” I decided that it was just immature that best friends could fight about something so stupid. So we eventually got to talking about how stupid it was in English class one day and came to the conclusion that we should just put it behind us and forgive each other. We did and have been better best friends than we were in the first place.

Learning forgiveness has helped me become a better person too. I always try to look at how good the person was I am mad at rather than what they did to me and can forgive them and build a stronger friendship.