Toloong… your firend,mia antasha wilson ,fromireland would like to know a little bit about coconut plant and the uses of the multipurpose tree.she would like to learn about the tree.write letter for her,telling him about at least three uses of the coconut tree.write your answer between 50 to 80 words.



Dear Mia Antasha, i would like to share with you about the coconut tree and the uses of multipurpose tree. There is many part of coconut tree for example its trunk, leaf, and its fruit. We can use the trunk to make a rope and the bridge. The leaves can uses to make the 'sarong ketupat'. Lastly, the fruit can use to make food such as 'kerabu', 'natadecoco' and we also can eat the fresh flesh of coconut . That's all from me. Bye...