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Chapter 9 Three days after Richard was having a picnic with Hannah.As usual,he and his father are cleaning the barn.What is so suprising on that day,Gus shows up earlier than usual.With a big smile,He tells his father and Richard that he made his place to the army.As he is so enthusiastic about it,his father acting against him,He tries to convince his father that he can survive the mass war.But still,his farher does not believe him as he knows the real situation which he experienced from the death of his brother in war.The arguement ends in a complete dissapoiment and tension.Richard stuck in the middle and decides to comfort his brother.Richard feels helpless as Gus wont accept it. The next morning,Gus and his friend go to Sioux City to catch the next troop train headed east.Before leaving,he has a talk with his father and shakes hand wirh Richard.He waves for the last time as sign of goodbye.Richard suddenly feels the fear that he will lose his beloved brother. Pa turns into more quiet person after Gus absence.Richard talks to Angie about his father state of mind because they both knows that his father must be grieving as he concers and worries for Gus. He fells a great reliefs when he spend time with them rather than with his family.Besides that,he cannot imagine a time of joy without the letter and the poetry matters.He receives the most warmhearted and kindest letter he has ever received.Even so,it left Richard with a question in his mind regarding of what do poets and poetry do to make world better?Normally,he leaves the letter in the mail box,but this time,Richard feels an absolutely haste for him to send the letter.As he walk to the post office,he decides to stop at Schermers house to have talk with Hannah. Suprisingly,Hannah comes out with a gloomy expression on her face when Richard knocks the door showing that something sorrowful had happened.With a heavy heart,Hannah tells Richard that Mr Kilmer end up dying in the warzone.
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