THEME 1. (Fillial Love) -Gus love Richard his brother,he advises him to fitting in with community so he will not be isolated by them -Pa still cant forget his brother Roland after the war with Spain in Cuba -Richard loves Angie by helping her doing the housechores like washing the dishes at the kitchen 2. (Patriotic Spirits) -Mr Kilmer joined the war even he is a famous poet because he hope that he can end the war so the next generation will not involved with this unnecessary war. -Mrs Hansen doing many programme by selling the Liberty Bond to finance the war. -The Schermers rationing their food by eating small pieces of meet as a symbolic of symphathy for allies that fighting in the war. ** CHARATERS AND CHARACTERISTICS 1. Richard Knight__ (Courageous) -send card to Hannah and having fight with Abner and Harry (Diligent and Helpful) -He always help Pa in farm and Angie in the kitchen doing the house chores. (Selfless) -turn down the role after Hannah (Sensitive) -Could not kill the buck even having a chance to do it. (Mature,Open Minded) -not sided with people who disturb Hannah (Poetic) -borrow book from Mrs Hansen -write poems and keep it in drawer (Quiet) -Love being alone and not like to toal to much. 2. Hanah Schermers__ (Patient) -still strong even her tavern had been vandelised (Intelligent) -always helping Richard with good ideas and suggestion to complete his poem. (Appriciative) -thanked Richard for sending her the sympathy card (Generous and Kind Hearted) -She bakes cookies for Mr Kilmer -Invited Richard for supper 3. Pa__ (Secretive) -Pa didnt told his children about his brother Roland. (Understanding) -He didnt angry and ask Richard the reason why he didnt kill the buck (Responsible) -He took care of Gus,Angie and Richard alone after her wife died. (Loving) -He dont let his son Gus to joined the army training 4. Mr Kilmer___ (Understanding) -he understands Richard feelings and feel not awkward when communicating by the way of writing letter. (Helpful) -give Richard advice and motivation through letter (Patriotic) -joined the war eventhough he is a famous poet. (Poetic) -write numerous of poet.One of his famous poet is tree. 5. Gus__ (Adventurous) -desperately want to join the war without disscussing with Pa because he didnt like do farming -like to go for hunting (Impatient) -cannot wait to join the army training (Stubborn) -disobey Pa because he want to join the war. (Brotherly) -asked Richard to fit in with the community so he will not be isolated by them. (Boastfull) -always tease Richard and tell him his awesomeness
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