The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit: Based on the novel, write on a valuable lesson that you have learnt. Provide evidence from the text to support your reponse.
• in not less than 50 words
• in continuous writing (not in note form)
# English literature form 3 pt3




Based on The Railway Children novel written by Edith Nesbit, one of those valuable lessons in the novel that i have learnt is to always be brave. Like Roberta; who prefered herself to be called Bobbie, i have learnt to be as brave as her when she, with her braveness tried to save the train from having such a messy accident even when she knew it could have her been killed. Roberta/Bobbie went standing on the railway line waving flags made from phyllis's and her petticoats so that the train would stop and people in it would be save eventhough her acts risked her own life. This event showed that Roberta/Bobbie is such a brave girl to have her own life been risked just to save others from having such a mortal accident. That is, bravery, is what a valuable lesson i have learnt from The Railway Children.

i don't know if it's more than 50 words or less, i hope it's not. and hoping this would benefits u. :)

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