How I met Myself by David Hill: Number the events in the story in the correct sequence.
1 Andrea lost her job but was later hired by Zsolt, the cafe owner.
2 They talked to the housekeepers.
3 John Taylor read about the dreadful accident at Gergely utca involving a young mother and her child.
4 John Taylor visited Mrs Fischer and questioned her about the Szabo family.
5 Every evening after work, John Taylor would wait outside the house at Felka utca and then spend some time at the cafe.
6 John Taylor ran into his doppelganger for the first time on his way home from work.
7 He told Paul Harris, his best friend about the strange incident and Paul advised him to be careful.
8 Andrea accompanied John to meet his doppelganger.
9 The doppelganger stopped Andrea and Kati from entering the cafe.
10 There was an explosion and John ran as fast as he could to Gergely utca.
# English literature form 3 pt3