Chapter 8

Pa tells Richard that Abner's father complaint  to him that he turned down his role in the school play to side with Schermer's. Richard explains to Pa the real story.He adds that Schermers are patriotic and want the Allies to win.Beside,their son Otto ,an American soldier. also fighting with the Allies.Pa advises Richard  not to side with the Schermers  against the rest of community.He adds that Schermers are different. Beside,Abner's father  and the other help him  when he broke his leg.Richard feels it is unfair because the Schermers were Americans and their pay taxes.

Most of the students ignore Richard at school.He  does not bother and become closer to Hannah.Whenever he is lonely,he goes to the Schermers as they understand him.He shares his poetry to them.Christmas is around the corner and Mr Kilmer has to spend  it away from home.It is very cold in France as fighting continues.Richard send  Hannah's cookies with nut and raisins and Mrs Schermer;s knitted scarf  with his letter to Mr Kilmer.In class,Mr Higby  informs that  the American have pushed back the German in France.

A picnic is planned for the last day of school in Turtle Lake.Richard and Hannah sit away  from the others under a large tree .Richard carves a heart and their initial R and H  on the oak tree.Suddenly,someone has thrown  a stone at her.Her ankle is bleeding,Richard fix it up and see the word "hun" on the flat side.