Chapter 7
    Mrs Hansen ask aHannah to read her essay in front of the class.Richard senses that some students appriciate Hannah's essay but to scared to clap because of the class bullies.
The next morning some parents are already in the principal room that she chooses somebody else.Everyone in school is angry with Mrs Hansen choice.

    The next day,Mrs Hansen announces that Hannah has turned down the roll of Lady Liberty .She withdraws to avoid causing people more pain.Richard also give up the role of doughboy
 because he dislike the mean  biased behaviour of his friends and neighbours.He wants to give moral support to Hannah.Mrs Hansen choose Millie
 and Herbie as the replacement.

    During the lunch break,Hannah invites Richard to her house for the supper.Richard informs Gus in school to tell their father  that he will not be home for dinner.
Gus says that he is unpatriotic and calling him a traitor.Richard walks with Hannah to her house.He spends a delightful evening with them.Time flies soon,it is dusk,
when he reaches home,his father is waiting to talk to him at the porch