I celebrated my 10th birthday last Saturday .I invited all my friends to my birthday party.My parents has invited some of our relatives too.I n morning we did some pooja at home and in afternoon the guests began to arrive.I put on my birthday dress which I was specially sewn for me.The house was decorated beautifully by my sister and my mother.In evening I cut my birthday cake .The cake was very beautiful with colourful icing and big chunks of chocolate.My friends and family members sang birthday song for me and they wished me a very happy birthday. All gave me slots of gifts packets .Then my friends and I danced together. The guests were served sweets and drinks.Everybody was in a joyful mood and enjoyed a lot.The guests took dinner and went away midnight. When the party was over I unpacked all my birthday gifts. I was surprised to see such lovely gifts .I then thanked my parents for holding such a pleasant party to celebrate my birthday.
My Birthday PartyToday, it was my 8 years old birthday. My mother held a party for me. I invited my classmates to my birthday party.
My mother prepared many delicious food such as chicken wing, fishball and my favourite mango cake and we put up the decorations. When my classmates came, they gave their presents and said happy birthday to me. We played a lot of game such as hangman, catching, computer games and other exciting games.
After playing the games, we were hungry and ate the food. My classmate sang the birthday song to me. I blew the candles and made a wish before cutting the cake. Then, we ate the cake happily.
Everybody enjoyed my party very much. I hope next year my mother would hold another birthday party for me again.