Main CharactersNewton Newman (Newt) Becomes a hero after becoming Captain NobodyCreative - creates several superhero characters in his sketchbookNot given as much attention as his brother getsStarts to become courageous after becoming Captain Nobody since one Halloween Night
Chris NewmanNewt's older brother who is also an American football star and plays for Fillmore High SchoolA loving brother as he teaches Newt to ice-skateA highly determined sportspersonHe forgives Darryl for knocking his helmet during the Big TackleHe is also playful - he like teases his brother, NewtCecil Butterworth (Cecil)Newt's best friend who admires Newt's talent for sketchingHe is obsessed with drum - summons Captain Nobody just to get a big bass drum off a DumpsterCreative - Helps JJ to transform Newt into Captain NobodyCecil is talkative as he always has something to talk about Juanita Josephina Gonzalez (JJ) 
Also Newt's best friend who is also the tallest and smartestCannot stand on grammatical mistakes - summons Captain Nobody just to ask him to correct the cardboard signs in the Sullivan's jewelry storeSupportive as she helps Captain Nobody to get his hands on the ladder at the water tower
Minor Characters 
Mom and Dad
Newt's parents who are always busy with their works Responsible parents as they take turns to look after Chris at the hospitalThey apologize to Newt as he is not given enough attention as compared to his brotherReggie Ratner
The defensive back of the Charges who is blamed for the Big Tackle incidentStubborn - he does not listen to Captain Nobody's advice when they are on the water tower and as a result, he lands on Captain Nobody and breaks his ankle and ribsBefriends Newt because they share the secret of his intention to vandalize the water towerMr.Clay
The locksmith who is suffering from Alzheimer'sHe gets lost and is out of medicine and is helped by Captain Nobody to find his way back homeHe cuts the special gold key with purple ribbon in a velvet box for Captain Nobody as a token of appreciationMrs.Young
Newt's class teacher who is very patient at handling elementary school kids, especially during the case Newt gets teased for asking too many questions and wearing Captain Nobody,s outfitCaring as she brings the issue of Captain Nobody to the Principle's office


It is the last Friday in October, everybody in Appleton is excited for the derby of an American football game between the Ferocious Ferrets of Fillmore High School and the Chargers of Merrimac High School – also known as the Big Game.Newton Newman (Newt) has a big brother, Chris Newman (Chris),who is a local football star, who plays for the Ferocious Ferrets after an electrifying debut two years back.Newt is preparing breakfast for his family when he comes across an article of his brother in the Sports section of the local newspaper.At first, Newt is eager to show the article to Dad but he is held down when the phone rings.On the other hand, Mom is also busy receiving a call from their neighbour.Newt gets frustrated as both of his parents have not touched their breakfast.To make himself feel useful, Newt goes upstairs to woke his brother up.Annoyed with Newt’s bellow, Chris throws a pillow at him but ends up hitting the floor hard.


Appleton Elementary is packed with different kinds of kids and actions.At times, he tries to be friendly and greets his classmates but often, they just stare back fiercely and ignore him.Before the classes start, Newt finds a quiet place for him to settle down.He takes out one of his Secret Superhero Sketchbooks and starts playing with his imagination.Newt has never shown his sketching of the superhero characters to anyone else except to his two best friends, Cecil and JJ, who have utmost admiration towards Newt’s creativity.Cecil alerts them of the coming Halloween and suggests that they celebrate it as usual.Talking about celebrating Halloween, the three of them are bored with their own costumes as they have been wearing the same outfits for years.Eventually, Cecil suggests that each of them needs to come out with an outstandingHalloween costume based on their ‘inner other’ that will catch everybody’s attention.

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