Newt heads home and gets excited when he sees his father’s car in the driveway.In the kitchen, Dad meets Captain Nobody for the first time.A moment after that, Dad starts to apologise to Newt because he has received several calls from the school.After the meeting in the Principal’s office, the people from school think that Captain Nobody appears in school because he is so upset about his brother’s condition.Newt tries his very best to reason with Dad about being Captain Nobody outside the house.Dad feels relieved after Newt manages to assure him that he is still being himself and his alter ago is just some sort of confidence booster.Dad even takes a photo of Captain Nobody and sends it to Mom.Suddenly, the walkie-talkie squeals in the middle of their conversation.Cecil makes contact just to ask a silly favour from Captain Nobody and Newt, who is in disbelief, starts to make a weird sound through the walkie-talkie as if the device is running out of battery.As Newt is about to sleep, Dad tells him that Mom is having a good laugh about Captain Nobody and she starts showing the image to everybody in the hospital.Dad explains about the current situation and hospital procedures that they need to follow and he assures Newt will be the first one to visit if the situation improves.