Richard reads the news on how Mr Kilmer was killed.He startled when he sees Mr Kilmer's picture in the newspaper.He runs through the streets of Turtle Lake and climbs the highest branches of the oak tree.Richard is deeply dissapointed and decides to stop writing another new poem.Anywah he goes back home and writes another poem entitiled "In Memory of Sergeant Joyce Kilmer."After writing it,he wants to share it to somebody.He shares it with the Schermers because only they will understand.Hannah cries and Mr Schermers shed his tears.Richars feels guilty because his poem makes them think about Otto.Mr Schermers suggests Richard to send it to TurtleLake Weekly because they were many felt the same way as them.

Hannah accompanies him to the newspaper office.When Mr Garrison begins to read the poem,Richard gets nervous and leaves because he scared his father will be angry.A few days later,the poem published in the newspaper.After the farm works,Pa ask Richard if he knows that Mr Kilmer has died.Richard says he does.Pa comes with the newspaper and talk about his brother Roland.Pa sobs and tells Richard about his brother Roland.Pa is amazed how Richard could use those word in his poem.

In mid November 1918,The allies win.Pa ,Angie and Richard laughed because Gus still training hard for the war that is over.In the end,Pa always listen to Richard's poem and makes correction and give suggestion.He also gives compliment to his son.