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A long time ago , ther was a country called Langkapura .One day , the king died of old age . His son , Prince Fariz , was to be the new king .
However PRince Fariz was very sad over his father's death . he locked himself in the palace and refused to meet anyone . the ministers was worried . their country did not seem to have a ruler . jamal , the chief ministeer , came up with a plan to persuade the prince to return to his throne . he wrote down his worries and concern about the prince and his country on a piece of paper . one night , prince fariz heard some voices outside his room . he decided to investigate . he put on old clothes and went out he saw three men whispering together as he listened he realised that they were thives they were planning to steal from the chief minister's house . quitely , the prince asked the thieves whether he could join them . they agreed. tolong cari kesemuanya terima kasih


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Called,quitely and worried
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