Tie ialah perikatan antara dua not yang sama.dimain dengan memegang not itu sehingga kiraan habis.slur pula ialah perikatan antara dua not berlainan dan dimain secara laju.

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Slur: Two or more notes of the same or differing pitch can be slurred. When notes are slurred they will be played back in a smooth and connected manner. The command for the slur is Notes: Slur and the quick key is the semicolon ( ; ).

Tie: Two notes of the same pitch can be tied. When notes are tied, the first note will be played and held for the duration of both notes. The command for the tie is Notes: Tied and the quick key is the slash ( / ).

The direction of a slur or tie can be changed by selecting the slurred or tied notes, pressing Alt+Enter and under the Notes tab, setting Slur Direction or Tie Direction to Upward or Downward.

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