Is it fair when your own bestfriend left you because her/his ex talks to you? i mean, its not me who talks to that guy frst. but, my bestfriend keep avoiding me. i told her ' i treat someone on how want to be treated' and i treated her so like what i want. and she keep avoidng me. while she doesnt even know how i hate her rudeness. one day i ased ustazah "ustazah, i hate my bestfriend's personality, like she's so rude and two faces and show off-ing and more. but i love theway she gave me advices and how she treaed me for being her bestfriend too" and ustazah said "a reallly good or nice friend will never leave their friend because of their personaity or behaviour. because everything can change in a blink of an eye if we make more da to Allah s.w.t" lol sorry im wasting my point here. bye



Thats okay, maybe she was just still hurt with her ex. I guess, some people wanted their friends to be on their sides no matter what. Yea, that sounds so pathetic but sometimes when you broke up with a guy, you wanted others to avoid him and just be with you. Just maybe you really should avoid him for now, or at least not talking to him infront of her. I know it kinda unfair, but sometimes we have to give in so we wont break any friendships that meaningful for us :)