- I was just recently working as a security guard in a mall. It was a pretty hard job for me but it was one way for me live. As I was patrolling the mall, I saw a little girl crying. She was holding her teddy bear. I was worried at the girl, wondering what happened to her. I came up to her as I asked her why she was crying. The little girl told me that she was separated from her mother. I reassured the girl to find her mother. I held her hand and guided her to the announcement room. I speaked to the microphone and tried to describe the little girl, hoping that her mother is still in the mall. As we both waited for an hour, a woman suddenly came to us and hugged the little girl. I was really glad when the little girl's mother showed up. Her mother thanked me for looking out on her daughter. It was not a big deal, it is my job to help people in need.