Time : When? Example : During the last week holiday.

Activity : Holiday in Sarawak . Example : My family had decide to take on a trip to Sarawak

Preparation : Before going to Sarawak, Imagine what you and your family did. Example : Before we left , dad and I tidied and kept our belongings into the luggage, while my sister is helping mom in the kitchen.

How did you went there? Example : To ensure that we use our time wisely, Dad decided to go there by an aeroplane. With this vehicle, we manage to reach there in 1 and half our of time .

What did you do there?
Example : One we reach our destination, we quickly rush to the hotel to book a room . Than we take a break in the hotel. When the clock shows 2.45 pm we left the hotel to visit popular places in Sarawak, such as( name of the place ). We enjoy beautiful memories there especially the tradition there and the food. ( expand your essay with your ideas :D )

Ending , express your hope and what you felt. Example: At the end of the this trip , I felt sad because we need to leave and return back to hometown. I will surely miss those sweet memories there,.
I hope one day that I could visit Sarawak again.

That's all Good luck!