Write suggestions about what we/the authorities `must or must not do to overcome this problem

example: We- clear- breeding areas - mosquitoes.
→ We must clear the breeding areas of mosquitoes.

1. We-keep old tyres-empty cans-garden.
2. -authorities- spray insecticide- waterloggged areas.
3. We- leave disuced containers- around.
4. - authorities- take action- punish offenders.
5. We- keep fish ponds- thanks without fish.n
6. - authorities- carry out fogging.
7. We- keep-surroundings.



1.must not- and- in 2.The -must -at 3.must not- at 4.The- must -to 5.We must keep fish ponds and tanks clear when without fish. 6.The-must 7.must -the