Hello , i'm form 4 student and last year i got 7A , in trial i don't get any A . so here my tips for you who want to change your attitude .

firstly you must check on your exam paper from form 1 - form 3 and get the point and what most title that get out on exam . youmust focus on the topic and make a revision .

second , you need to ask teachers what topic you don't understand or uour friends. don't solve the problem by yourself . it might be wrong or you don't understand .

third , you need to focus on what teacher teach . it must be out on pt3 exam. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE focus on teachers teaching these days . teachers know more then us . if they focus on that topic . go home and study kore about the topic .

so this is my advice for you goodluck for your pt3
p/s sorry for my bad english , i hope you can understand well
Tq very much for your help
I want to ask you 1 day need to study how many hours
12 hours , but it's up to you how to manage the time . and also please get up early in the morning to read he book . around 5:00 am you wake up and study because in the morning your brain will work well .
OK thanks