Advantages of television

-updates you on current affairs and what is new and trending

-allows you to attain experiences without going out to gain those experiences

-shows you the reality of situations through the eyes of many

-caters to the mutliracial society we have and their likes and dislikes

-a medium for people to just unwined and relax

disadvantages of television

-propogates violence with shows such as WWE

-gives you a fake idea of what is real
Ex: what you see in Keeping Up With The Kardashians could be scripted (for all we know)

-objectifies women
Ex: Especially ads on television with the hott chicks laying around near cars etc. etc.

-wastes your time
Ex: When you watch a TV series, highlight series, the need to sit in front of the TV to follow up and the dier necessity to constantly fill the age-old question after every episode; "what happens next?"

-Is a public statement for young adults and teens to do immitate what is projected on-screen and assume it is "okay"

Hope this helps. Good Luck