•one wintry January evening,John Taylor is walking home from work.A man knocks into him n walks away.without leaving any footprints behind.John was shocked to learn that the man looks like him.He follows the man into a cafe but he nowhere to b seen.
•every night,John dreams about the man.he often wakes up in a fright.he is determined to find out who the man is.his wife Andrea agrees to help him find out aboutbthe strange man.
•john find out that his name his John Taylor is the English name for Janos Szabo.both of them have the same date of birth which is 23rd Oct.He was shocked to find out that Andrea n Kati r the names of the wife n daughter of Janos,the same name as his wife n daughter
•He runs to the cafe when he hears an explosion. He thinks that both his wife n daughter r in the cafe.He frantically searches for them under the rubble.
•John finds his wife n daughter at the end of the dark street.Andrea tells him that it is actually his doppelganger,Janoa Szabo who has saved them.