Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford follows the adventures of Newton Newman, a small, scrawny ten-year old fourth grader, who is unnoticed at home and in school. He has to live in the shadow of elder brother Chris, the star quarterback on his Fillmore High School's football team. When Chris is knocked into a coma during the biggest football game of the season, Newt is lost in the whirlwind of concern about his sibling. Since his parents attention is focussed on Chris, Newt's two best friends, JJ and Cecil, decide that going trick-or-treating at Halloween is just what Newt needs to feel better. Newt comes up with Captain Nobody - defender of the little guy, champion of the downtrodden. His new alter ego brings newt through some amazing adventures. The last adventure lands him in the hospital with a broken leg and rib. He is put in the same room with his brother. While recalling the morning before Chris's accident, he unconsciously shouts 'HIT THE SHOWERS!' aloud. This jolts Chris out of coma. Newt returns home as a celebrated hero of the Appleton.